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Matching Your Style With Your Watch

How you wear your wrist watch to match your outfit can create the right or wrong impression about your personality. People instinctively write their story of you in their minds, within a few minutes of meeting you and your watch is typically one of those accessories they use in making their conclusions. You may be wearing the sharpest suit in the room, adorning the best shoes and smelling really nice, but when your shirt cuff lifts to reveal a watch inappropriate for the occasion, perceptions change in a flash.

Just as a leather-strap watch wouldn’t be appropriate for your gym session, a silicone-strap sports watch won’t cut it at a wedding or other formal events. You don’t necessarily have a large watch collection to get it right; being conscious of how your watch matches with what you’re wearing is what matters most.

If you’re the conservative type or you often find yourself in formal settings, you’ll need a watch with good quality leather straps and minimalistic dials to project a simple, yet sophisticated look. As a rule of thumb, watches that have cream, brown or other neutral tones are suited for casual use while black or dark coloured watches are better for formal events.

Matching the style or colour of your watch strap with your belt and shoes can also be a good way to complete your outfit. This also applies if your watch has a metal case and strap. Silver straps go quite well with dark colours such as dark grey, black and blue while neutral shades should be paired with gold or rose-gold coloured straps. You may also wear your watch band to complement the colour of your socks, tie, or belt.

Another thing to consider is that watch faces can be square, circular, rectangular, large or small. If you’ve got a large frame, a small-faced watch won’t help your looks; neither will a large face, metal-strap watch look good on you if you’re quite slim.


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