Southern California Surf

The Southern California coastline offers many jewels for surfers and ocean enthusiasts alike, which is why so many people flock to the line-up these days with boards in tow. It is not uncommon to see many eager surfers lining the water on most swells, most seasons, most days of the week especially in areas like Malibu, Venice, San Clemente and San Diego, for example. South swells in the summer bring fun peaky conditions to most exposed breaks, and many of the points pull in long, groomed waves in the Wintertime.

In addition to having endless miles of “breaking” coastline at a surfer’s fingertips, Southern California stays relatively temperate most times of the year, which is why you’ll often see the social scene around the beach is always pumping. Surfers tend to be a low maintenance bunch, who appreciate good food, good laughs and simple, but functional gear and attire.

In 2018 it is not unlikely to see a surfer in a wetsuit during the day, transitioning into stylish yet minimalistic dress in the evening to hit up his or her favorite bar or restaurant. Gone are the days of the surf “bum”-look of the past. In this day and age surfers like to look and feel their best, and are often professionals during the day, who work hard to enjoy this sport and lifestyle.

At STRY watches we believe we bridge the gap between the casual and professional. These stainless steel watches are perfect for the ocean enthusiast, business man, or both, who desires a sleek watch built around the idea of building community. So rinse off the sand and slip into something that looks and feels amazing to wear, provides functionality, and is made with only the best materials. Let’s tell our story together, at the STRY project in Venice Beach, California.

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